The Step First Step

Pavlos Kourtidis company presents its first production, performance leading to our dreams, experimenting with movement, music and the abilities of the human body.
“During a performance nothing can be taken for granted. Figures take shape and then vanish. Motions and feelings are caught up on an eternal game of action and reaction. Until everything is transformed in to something bright, releasing us from the routine of our everyday lives.” says Pavlos Kourtidis.
The performance evolves around communication, love and relationships. The difference between the ideal and the conventional and how this is translated through culture and personal beliefs. This performance is an optimistic note, a choreography leading to our dreams, a representation of the journey seeking the ideal finding the balance that has been lost due to our way of life.
The dancers’ bodies awaken the audience senses and instincts, their hidden wishes and memories struggling to breath in our industrial world.

The Step First Step was presented at “Polychoros” Theatre of municipality of Athens and “Goulandris” natural history museum.


Director – Choreographer: Pavlos Kourtidis
Lights: Apostolos Tsitsonis

On stage: Pavlos Kourtidis, Zoe Sotiropoulou, Lefki Tsioramani, Markos Giakoumpglou, Effie Kamarinopoulou, Melina Korovila, Natassa Zaharia, Eytixia Kouteli, Eleni Galanopoulou