Pavlos Kourtidis dance company new production “MONOS” (lonely) has a completely different perspective than before. Technology combined with movement is the main characteristic of this performance. Four main characters, each of them being the center of their own story.
Four completely different people, four completely different stories. What do they have in common? They all seek redemption.
Director and choreographer Pavlos Kourtidis talks about loneliness through this production using live performance combined with real projection. His main goal is to make the audience get emotional about the feeling of loneliness. In the time of the internet, the mobile phone and the GPS, “MONOS” (being lonely) is a problem or a way to survive?
A necessary evil … or something good?

Monos was presented at “Polychoros” Theatre of municipality of Athens and Akis Davis Theater.


Director – Choreographer: Pavlos Kourtidis
Music: Apostolos Tsitsonis
Lights: Apostolos Tsitsonis
Costumes: Tricia Daniels

On stage: Pavlos Kourtidis, Zoe Sotiropoulou, Olia Mourouzidou, Andreas Andrikos, Lefki Tsioramani, Markos Giakoumpglou, Myrto Petroheilou, Alexis Soumas