“Madness haunts the creativity of the western society”. Mental illness, based on Michel Foucault’s “History of Madness” despite its complex medical concept has also a social aspect.
The social standards that once supported mental health are now overturned compelling men to seek their balance. As an outcome of social and economic disfunctions madness has inserted in everyone’s homes. Depression was once the “sad privilege” of women, unemployed people and of those who are lonely without any social support. Over the past few years though, we can see men, successful and young people getting depressed.

Journalist Ann Landers said “One out of four persons has some kind of mental illness. So think of three of your friends. If they seem fine, maybe you are that person.”

Pavlos Kourtidis’ s new production “Madhouse” is based on a true story. The choreographer’s goal is to communicate against the fear of the unknown and against social exclusion. Images, movement, words and music can be redeeming and heeling so eventually you will find yourself redefying happiness.
Welcome to the Madhouse.

Madhouse was presented at PK Theater.


Director – Choreographer: Pavlos Kourtidis
Original music composition: Christos Triantafullou
Assistant choreographer: Zoe SOtiropoulou
Video editing: Aggelos Tonios
Sets – costumes: Dimitra Papadimitriou
Photography: Dimitris Georgiadis
Lightning: Apostolos Tsitsonis

On stage: Pavlos Kourtidis, Zoe Sotiropoulou, Marios Rammos, Markos Giakoumoglou, Nadia Tomazenko, Ioanna-Korina Palaska, Ilias Bageorgos, Christina Papantonopoulou, Alexandros Stavropoulos