Pavlos Kourtidis’ new production will be a praise for one of the most controversial aspects of Greek and World history.

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Coming up as a blow on the soil of the lost homeland.

World Premiere: November 10th at PK Theater

Now on tour.
continues its journey for one of the most controversial aspects of Greek and World history.
Tour Dates & locations coming up soon.

An alternative point of view to the tragic historical events through contemporary art based on the dynamics of the human movements.
Contemporary dance recalls the greater and most cruel attempt to exterminate the a whole nation. Scenes of intensive dance dialogue, as well as dynamic stage interventions interact with high intensity variations in choreographic dramatization.

“Genocide” is a contemporary dance performance based on true historical facts seen through the eyes of today’s men. Its goal is to provoke and awaken memories of the recent past.

“Today I feel ready for the company to take such a step. This is a performance that we had to do. With great respect it is my duty to tell the story as our ancestors lived it and told it to my generation. The attempt to exterminate a nation. With 18 dancers and musicians on stage we will not try to dance the Genocide, instead we will honor the lost souls because they never truly left us.”  P. Kourtidis

“Genocide” will speak the truth through the bodies of those who lived. It will praise those who were tortured and those who survived.

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Direction, Choreography, Lighting: Pavlos Kourtidis
Research consultant: Omiros Pachatouridis
Music Edit & Composition: Lia Hide
Assistant choreographer: Zoe Sotiropoulou
Costumes: Magda Kaloriti
On stage musician: Christos Siggelos (ney)
Video trailer: Grigoris Panopoulos
Stage photography: Iria Spiliopoulou
Field photography & poster: Melina Zacharaki
Art Work: Tricia Daniels
Production & Tour management: Sofia Karayianni
Production: PK Theater 2018-19
Public Relations: Antonis Kokolakis

Dancers:  Pavlos Kourtidis, Zoe Sotiropoulou, Ioanna-Korina Palaska, Christos Kafetzis, Elena Tsikala-Vafea, Zelika Mouzaki, Themis Chatzi, Foteini Passa, Margarita Symeonidou, Ioli Spiliopoulou, Christina Bitou, Eleni Doika, Ioulia Drakontaeidi, Silvia Zima, Sabi Kleci, Maria-Matilda Kourtidou, Giorgos Koumpos