Modern and fresh point of view, a particularly difficult and demanding performance. May it find the light that suits her and her voice to be heard in the throes of the earth! From the performances that really deserve your time, both for its quality and its exemplary realization!

Dina Karra, critic, 16/1/19,

Rating 9/10

Director and choreographer Pavlos Kourtidis decides to deal with the genocide of the Pontian Greeks. And he does not do so with a folklore aesthetic or nationalistic mood. On the contrary, the stage is filled with talent and passion, since the whole company is excellent.

Kostis Bitsios, critic, 22/1/19,

“The weight of Kourtidis’ choice of this subject, and his personal connection to it based on his origins, are reflected in the way he narrates his own history. Τhe emotional load is clear and is manipulated by his professional experience and the maturity of the choreographer’s will.”

Nayia Papapanou, theatrologist, 29/12/18,
How high can the choreography, "chronology" and "spaceology" go when they meet? I saw, I felt, I communicated a lot.
I have stayed in the sacred bodies of the genocide women who are born again. You must go see it.
Michalis Charalampidis, author, 13/11/2018,
Embellishment? Not at all. Memory, but not through blood. This is a dance performance that will provoke, and awake memories of the recent past
Pavlos Agiannidis, journalist, 8/11/2018,