“Contemporary dance requires a body that is flexible, to be able to raise to the air, to be transformed. At the same time the Cretan traditional boots hit the ground with great force, enough to wake gods and men. This collaboration achieves its goal: to connect the earth with the sky, to bring tradition into modern through the flexibility of contemporary art against the robustness of tradition. 27 dancers with different backgrounds manage to make time seem timeless through their artistic maze. Each of them with nothing more than his body. Being human is an adventure after all.
Giannis and Giorgos Megalakakis came with a great challenge to Pavlos Kourtidis. The audience’s thunderous applause holds the proof that Pavlos Kourtidis faced this challenge successfully.
This performance acted as an ambassador of the traditional Cretan culture and should travel outside of Greece because it has more to it than the history of Crete.”