Pavlos Kourtidis dancetheater  was founded in 2005, incorporating the choreographer’s vision of a dance company based in Greece. Throughout the years the company managed to establish its artistic impression and to stand out.
The company’s goal is to portray Greek culture through a modern and minimal perspective. To create unique and outstanding dance performances based on Greece’s history, traditions and music.

By combining his origins from Pontos with contemporary dancing Pavlos Kourtidis creates his unique kinetic vocabulary which is as Greek as it is universal. Innovative yet very familiar.
The choreographer’s main objective is to make the art of dancing approachable and comprehensible by the people. To achieve that he communicates his vision to the audience through simplicity and straightforwardness.


Video: Ergography 2007-2017

2018-19: Genocide – PK Theater
2017: Styx, the goddess of water
– PK Theater, Ancient open stone theater at Platania Trifilias (Peloponnese)
2016: Labyrinth, from darkness to light  Pallas Theater
2015-16: House of Bridges – PK Theater
2014-15: Madhouse – PK Theater
2012-13: Dead-end – PK Theater
2010-11: Frankenstein – PK Theater
2009-10: Society Says – PK Theater, 11th  International Modern Dance Festival in Egypt (Gomhouria Theatre, Cairo and Sayed Darwish Theatre, Alexandria.
2008: MONOS
 – “Polychoros” Theatre of municipality of Athens, Akis Davis Theater
2007: The Step First Step – “Polychoros” Theatre of municipality of Athens, “Goulandris” natural history museum


Pavlos Kourtdis

Stage director / Choreographer

Pavlos Kourtidis was born in Wuppertal, Germany and was raised in Thessaloniki, Greece. He studied the art of Theater & dance at “Arts Educational London Schools” having received a scholarship.
His performances express his personal identity and the strength behind his Greek heritage. After having explored different kinds of dance techniques he created his own unique kinetic vocabulary which combines the elements of contemporary dance with the rhythmicality and the spirit of his origins from Pontos. His productions revolve around Greece through their aesthetics, musical themes and movement.
Journalist K. Betinakis spoke of his work “The contemporary choreographies were as brilliant as others – I have watched- like those by Maurice Bejart.”

Over the past few years he has managed to create a rich ergography. Some of the productions that stand out are:


– “Genocide” A performance for humanity dedicated to the value of life.
– “Styx, the goddess of water” inspired the mythological Greek goddess which was presented in 4 tons of water.
– “Labyrinth” that combined for the first time Cretan traditional dance with contemporary dance based on a realistic maze that represents the union of the ancient with the renovation.
– “Madhouse” that was based on the true story of a man suffering from mental illness in order to communicate against the fear and social exclusion.

Pavlos Kourtidis holds the position of artistic director of PK Theater (Athens, Greece) and PK Dance school in which he teaches contemporary dance for the past few years.
Acknowledging his responsibility as an artist he initiated performances whose proceeds were offered to humanitarian causes (Doctors of the World Greece, KIN.A.PSY. and others.

Sofia Karayianni

Production and Tour Management

Sofia Karayianni is a theatrologist / theater researcher and has a master’s degree in Cultural Policy, Management and Communication. She has been involved in the organization and management of production, marketing and public relations of theatrical performances and cultural events (conferences, workshops, exhibitions, music concerts).
Her professional career at the theater started at the theaters MELI and Coronet. In 2005 she began her collaboration with “Theatriki Estia SA” (Theaters Mousouri and Ivi), which lasted about six years. For many years he has collaborated with Audio Visual and Power Music Production in the compilation section.
She has been Secretary General of the Panhellenic Scientific Association of Theatrologists (2006-2008). He was responsible for organizing and production (2014-2015) at the Hellenic Center of the International Theater Institute an since 2014 she is head of the Marketing and PR department of Boem Radio.
She teaches drama in Primary Education and as a certified adult educator, she teaches at KEK, KDMB and IEK.
Since 2015 she is in charge of the press office of the PK theater and she is the production manager of the performances by Pavlos Kourtidis.

Zoe Sotiropoulou

Assistant choreographer / Dancer

Zoe Sotiropoulou started dancing at the age of 6 at the ballet courses for children of Anna Petrova Professional Dance School in Athens from where she also graduated as a professional dancer. There she was taught classical ballet based on the English system of RAD (Royal Academy of Dancing) and contemporary dance based on Limon’s technique. Before she even began her professional career, Zoe had already performed in shows such as: Giselle (Olympia Theater), Nutcracker and Graduation Ball (Theater of Psichiko College) and
contemporary dance performances with “Proskairi Synthesi” dance group at the Greek Choreographers dance festival.
In 2007 she joins Pavlos Kourtidis dance company and has been a permanent collaborator since then. From 2014 she is the director’s assistant.
Moreover Zoe teaches classical ballet and contemporary dance and since 2016 she is organizing the “Expression of Contemporary Dancing” Platform at PK Theater.

Omiros Pachatouridis

Executive Consultant

Omiros Pachatouridis has an experience for over twenty-five years in organizing and implementing performances being a cultural and dance instructor and a professional dancer in several organizations and dancing clubs. Holding an MSc from NTUA and being a qualified project director, ex-member of AAPM, he graduated from the summer school of the UOM with subject the traditional dance.
Member of CID-UNESCO and founder of the Pyrrhichios Academy cultural organization, he has served the market also in administrative positions. Omiros joined Pavlos Kourtidis company on end of 2017 initially as a research consultant due to his extensive involvement in the Hellenic Pontian Genocide actions. He is the author of Pontian Dance Chronicles I, a dance practices handbook related to the cultural and social approach of the Pontian (Greek Anatolia) dance style.